-- this is temporary frontpage that serves as a short introduction to POP3ye --

It's a bird! It's a plane! No. It's web-based e-mail!

  NOTE: POP3ye is currently pre-alpha, meaning it is not ready for use and far from perfect. (yet)

What is it?


It might just be the world's first PHP5 web-based e-mail client * applause *. I'm not sure about that, it might as well not be the first. It will be damn close though  :-). The POP3ye concept was born December 2003 and it's development started late February 2004.

POP3ye aims to be a full-featured web-based e-mail client, it currently is not. It is entirely written using Object-Oriented PHP5 technology on the server-side.

On the client-side part, the combination of HTML, JavaScript & CSS is used to ensure a comfortable user experience.

As can be deducted from the name, POP3ye is meant to be used with the POP3 protocol. IMAP is currently not supported and there are no plans to do so.

1.1 Features

Now you are probably wondering - Why on earth would I wan't to use POP3ye? - right?

Some of POP3ye's features include:

  • SpamCop detection for blacklisted SMTP-sources

  • Black & Whitelisting

  • Message Filtering options

  • MIME support

  • attachment support

  • multi-language

  • themes

  • local configuration

  • global configuration

  • ...



  Most likely the only thing you want to see :-)
1.3 Why oh why
  blah blah blah ...
2. What do I need to run it?
  In order to run POP3ye you need a database-server, a webserver and at least PHP version 5 configured. And access to a POP3 and SMTP server.

It doesn't really matter which POP3 server is used as long as it is compliant to RFC standards.

Any webserver supported by PHP should work. Apache is the prefered choice though.

The database however does matter.  As POP3ye currently only has a mySQL database abstraction layer, you need to have a mySQL server with built-in InnoDB support. I currently don't see any issues when working with the old myISAM database format, but they will cenrtainly pop up along the development of POP3ye.

The InnoDB format was chosen to save some work on deleting records.

Finally you will need the php imap extension for POP3 connectivity.

Note: POP3ye is developed on the WAMP platform, it is focused on the Internet Explorer browser version 6. Testing on other browsers and LAMP is low priority at the moment. ( will be done at a later stage )

3. How to ... install it?
  Assuming you have correct set-up of WAMP or LAMP
  1. extract the downloaded file to a directory in your webroot
  2. start the install.php file (make sure you have valid mySQL login data)
  3. if necessary configure the global settings file which can be found in "includes/php/global_settings.inc.php"
  4. et voilą start pop3ye-ing
4. Documentation
  At present the documentation is largely in Dutch.

For the moment ( adding && editing && removing ) all ( user && account && filter && user settings && black & white-listing && contact && folder && help && maillist && help) data has to be manually inserted into the database. In short this means "everything".

This is due to the fact that no GUI elements are designed yet. In later versions this will off course be implemented into POP3ye.

Sorry, no documentation is available for these actions yet. Please inspect the file "pop3ye.sql.php" located in the "includes/php" directory for more information about the database design.

5. Download
  You can download POP3ye at Sourceforge.
6. Wang snee wang pang
  Lost in the abbreviations. Don't worry:

PHP5: PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor version 5

POP3: Post Office Protocol revision 3

SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

InnoDB: Database table type that allows foreign key restraints

IMAP: Internet Mail Access Protocol (currently revision 4)

WAMP: Windows Apache MySQL PHP

LAMP: Linux Apache MySQL PHP

7. Contact
  Jelle Piekaerts <jellepie[at]users.sourceforge.net>

-- POP3ye is licensed under the GPL --